Friday, October 9, 2009


Who ever thought that Beer and bike would be in the same word? Yeah, not me.

If you look really hard in this picture towards the back left, near the red tent, you will be able to see this caravan. It is actually like a bar, with 10 seats around it and under each seat? Yep, you guessed pedals. Everyone bikes the whole time while sipping their beer and pedal that little beerbike around the city. Pretty hilarious. So hilarious that I stopped mid traffic on my own bike to take this picture...which is why it is so shotty. But don't worry Mom and Dad, I was at a stop light. 
Actually, this picture doesn't make Berlin look very pretty. I will try to take some pretty pictures of the city for your reading enjoyment in the next few days. And hopefully that will give you all more incentive to come and visit me!!

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  1. Why haven't you been writing?! I want to hear more about life in Berlin! Also, get on skype so we can chat.