Sunday, October 25, 2009

Please pray!!

Hey there folks...I've been a terrible blogger. I feel so guilty. I haven't written in almost two weeks. Life is happening though so that is a good thing. I do have a big prayer request however, if there is anyone out there reading this...tomorrow I leave for a little jaunt to the small, quaint stadt of L√ľneburg where I will stay over night and then have my first real audition for a REAL opera house here! Exciting. But I would welcome any super natural help I can get so...pray it up people! I want to just do my best...rock it out. Give a thousand percent on the stage. And trust. Adventure is in the air.  


  1. I am late! But God knew that I would want to pray so he did it for me! Or something like that!
    I can't wait for an update...I have been checking, you know!
    New look is nice. :)

  2. How was the audition? I'm thinking about you because your birthday is on our calendar. So, any grand plans to celebrate your birthday? Maybe Liquidrom? It would be wonderful to spend some time with you to celebrate......