Sunday, November 8, 2009


So, lovely people, Lüneburg was sehr charmant...kind of like a little gingerbread town here in Germany...but not my next "home" town. The audition went okay, and I haven't heard anything yet, but I have a feeling that they really want a German I don't think that will be the place for me. Hopefully, God will open another Berlin would be am besten. Please pray for that. I talked to another soprano at the audition and she is with another agent that I will audition for in January. I asked her if she had any auditions coming up in the next months and she said she had none at all. That there really are not any openings for sopranos coming...that is kind of discouraging news. Aber, I have to believe that God brought me here for a reason and He will not leave me high and dry. A very tiny, mustard seed sized place in my heart believes that He really created me to, there must be a door around here somewhere, or in the very least a window, or a mouse hole or something that will open up. Wir beten! (Let's pray!) 


  1. Mouse hole... JR, you are priceless. Keep asking big things of God: I think he wants to be treated as the adult he is. He can and wants to deliver! And keep being brave. You're good at that. :)

  2. Ha! Kristi, I love that you threatened me on Facebook to keep writing my blog. I know I have gotten a little bit bad at that. But I am glad that you threatened me...glad that you are interested. And yes, I do remember when Germany was just a dream. Such a strange bitter sweet feeling to think of that though. It was a dream with Andrew.

    Anyway, yeah. I will keep practicing asking big things of God. Workin on it. Starting now.