Thursday, September 3, 2009

Die Erste Tag

So day I moved to Berlin...

a new life...ein neues leben. 

I have been here a week now and every day has been an adventure so far. I could probably write a book about the last week. But for starters, I will talk about the first day. The first day I was in Berlin I went of course to the Staatsoper (one of the opera houses here) and asked if there was something playing that night. Man, man, man, man, man (that is what old men in Germany say when they are astounded at something--but it is pronounced mahn and sort of ends up sounding Jamaican). The opera that was being performed that night was Wagner's Tristan und Isolde, with Barenboim conducting, (probably the most famous conductor right now) Rene Pape, and Michelle De Young, (also two of the most famous dramatic voices--and Michelle takes from my teacher). I could not believe it! But they were sold out. However, it just so happened that they were filming the opera that night and playing it in the square right next to the opera house. It was free, and wonderful because it was a gorgeous night and we got to see close ups of all the singers because they were taping and it was even better than if we would have gotten seats inside the theater. AND they sold fancy bratwurst on yummy french rolls...this is this country's idea of baseball. I could totally get used to this! This is the culture I was born to be a part of. 

My dear friend Anne-Catherine, who was a foreign exchange student from Brussels my senior year of highschool, came and met me here my first day also and stayed for the weekend. That was really fun to see her and I was alone in my new apartment for the first few days because my three flat mates were all out of town. We had so much fun together...just catching up, having wonderful conversation and walking around the city. 

I am renting a room in an apartment in an area of town called Friederickshein. It is located in what was formerly east Berlin so it is a little bit creepy to walk past a lot of the newer buildings that were built I think in the 80's and look a little like animal cages. But our building is older and prettier and I adore my room! We are right across from a park and my windows look out to the sky and the trees. I also love my house mates. Tanja, Daniel and Klaus. I will tell more about them later but I just wanted to get this started. If I waited too much longer I really wouldn't have known how to begin. 

All my love to those of you reading this...only mein lieblings know! xoxo Lady la la


  1. yay! so glad to hear more of your adventures. the opera outside sounds lovely and hilarious. :) glad things are starting well.

  2. I was so glad to see this! I hear some happy in there, too...that also makes me glad. I miss you. I can't believe you're there! I will check on you all the time.