Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Hi, friends. Got some good work done today. I finished translating my resume into German--very important. One small step at a time. Tomorrow I will go to the library here and look up as many agent addresses and opera house addresses as possible and hopefully send off a bunch of publicity packets by the end of the week. Then the fun step is getting to call each agent individually and speak to them in German! I know...can hardly wait for that part. Doch! (That means "not!" auf Deutsch). Although I have been learning more and more every day. Very little by very little bit. Lots of times I have been speaking English though. I should definitely be taking a class here, but I'm going to try to just continue speaking as much German as I can and read a little from my German Harry Potter book each day. So far I'm only two pages in and that took me an hour to translate...ah...yes, learning a language is so much fun. 
No, really, it is. There are moments here and there when I am so excited to have learned as much as I have. There are occasional moments when I feel very proud of myself and think things along the lines of, "Wow, I am sooooooo good at German, I practically AM German!". But that has only happened in rare special moments. Two people asked me for directions in German last week and I was able to give them directions...in German! Mostly though, I generally just make a fool of myself every day. 
The highlight of my day today was getting to go to Mary and Dieter B's house for kaffee und dinner. They are a dear couple from church who I met last November and they feel sort of like potential parental figures here for me. They have a daughter in America who is in a similar situation to mine and I got the feeling today that Mary especially feels a bit like a mother hen. Which as far as I am concerned is great! I miss my own family so I would love to have a mutter hen here. After dinner Mary took me to her choir practice. It is mostly an older crowd but I liked it and it was good also to hear more German and just be with people. So I think I will go again next week. Maybe some other singing opportunities would come out of it as well. 

Some prayer requests that I have tonight are mostly that I would really be able to trust God more. I am really worried about potentially having to move by October 1st and also just not feeling very confident right now. Please pray for strong friendships to grow here and rich community within the church. And also, that God would present just the right opportunities for me career wise. Ich habe jetzt so viel angst! That is how I would say in German...I have now so much anxiety! It's not so different, right? German is easy! Loving your comments on the blog...keep 'em coming people! It's the highlight of my day to read them. It's like that little thrill when you open your mail box and there is something there especially for you. You are all in my prayers and on my heart...riding with me through the streets of Berlin. xoxo

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  1. you made me laugh outloud with your "i AM german" comment. also made me think of the communiversity german class we went to once. :) but now you are a star pupil and i still just know good morning and good afternoon. :)