Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I am a super speedy mountain bike woman

So this is going to be kind of short because I have a lot of things to do before I go to bed tonight and my house mates are getting together tomorrow morning sehr früh for a flat mate prayer time...but this morning I rode my bike with Tanja, one of my flat mates, to the library. I picked up the Deutsches Bühnen Jahrbuch, which is a huge book published yearly with all the opera agents and houses and their addresses, etc. Afterwards Tanja went to work and I rode back by myself but I was exploring a new part of the city that I hadn't seen. I was riding through a park and there was a monument and as I was approaching I realized that there was a set of about 4 stairs coming and I either had to speed up and go down the stairs--ON MY BIKE! or hit the brakes. Well, I sped up and I went down those stairs and I don't think any body saw me but...oh my goodness it was so fun! I felt like I was in third grade and all the fourth grade boys were thinking I was really cool. When was the last time YOU rode YOUR bike down the stairs? Genau! (exactly!) 
There really is such a feeling of power that comes from riding your bike, and especially in such a big city. It is so much faster than public transportation most of the time because of all the stops, and also usually so much faster than driving a car because of all the stop lights and traffic. I love whizzing by cars when they are all lined up and it is almost as if my bike is saying to them, "ha HA! I am so much faster than you!". My tune might change when it is soon below freezing weather, but until then...minus the sore bottom, I love riding my bike here.   

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  1. You still have not reassured your Marmee that you are wearing a helmet. Please say that you are.