Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Romantic night at the opera with my roomies...

These are my flat mates...Tanja is furthest left, Ellen is a friend of theirs that has been staying with us all week from Switzerland, Daniel, Tanja's husband, and Klaus. We all went this past Saturday night to see an opera at the Staatsoper. Daniel hated it. He is more into heavy metal. But everyone else had a good time. I will only be living with them a couple more weeks. And I think actually that I have found a place to live starting in October. I need to let the people in the new place know by tomorrow those of you who are reading this today...Wednesday, please pray for me that I will know what to do. It is a nice apartment, closer to the church and in my favorite part of town, Prenzlauerberg, and it would be a bit cheaper then what I am paying now for rent which would be good, but I am trying to decide if I would rather live alone or with roommates. This opportunity is with two ladies from the church, Deutsch ladies, so it would be good to practice my German. But on the other hand it might be nice to not have to consider anyone else for awhile. Also, this opportunity would only be until February 1st. So I would have to move again. I would appreciate your prayers and comments.

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  1. So I just back-read all your previous blogs and it's so neat to experience all of your adventures through your own words! By this time, you've probably already made a decision about the next living location...but I pray that you will be blessed wherever you rest your head at night. Have you been on a song-writing frenzy? You have soooo much material :)...the 'never-bees' and such...I was thinking after i read that day, out of those sting-wounds will flow sweet nectar of wisdom and strength. i'll write more later...looking forward to hearing more of your adventures...
    Keep taking the stairs, on your bike!!!! :)