Monday, September 14, 2009

Prayer list...

 The following are a list of people that I have met so far here in Berlin. As you will see it is a very long list in only two I am exceedingly thankful. My prayer before I came and whenever I would think about Berlin was from that song from Jacob's Well...prepare the way make straight my heart so that Your glory might shine...He has totally been preparing the way. Please pray that He continues to do so and that he would make a way with these people in this community here in this city...that he would provide spiritual family, urban family in the midst of our crazy schedules and responsibilities and desires...That His glory would shine in my heart as well as the hearts of these others. Leopold, Daniella, Iris, Christian, Johannes, Ela, Anne, Corrie, Matt, Kosta, Tamara, Tanja, Daniel, Klaus, Vipke, Job, Michael, Stoffie, Marie-Louise, Tom, Lizzie, Melanie, Richard, Melinda, Mark, Lucia, Greg, Gulia, James, Maria, mary, Dieter, Sonja, Roman, Johanna, Florian, Doo-Kyoung. Nick, David, Karsten, Gabbie, Olie, Martin. Karin, Sam, Katina, Ben, John, Abbie. Sandy, Allison, Ulrike, Susa, John and Gayle. 

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