Friday, September 25, 2009

It's about time

Yes, it is about time that I wrote on this blog noch ein mal (one more time). I can't believe it has almost been a week. A lot has happened this week, but really I should have been telling you all about it every day instead of now because I feel like I could write a short book. I will try to sum it up in schnell highlights:

1. Got to meet up with lots of great people this week...actually now that I think about it, every single night this week I was hanging out with people. Perhaps every night is a little bit much, but I am so thankful that I am connecting with people here. 

2. There was a really cool bar with a secret Fußball table in the basement and Betty Davis on the radio.

3. Tuesday night I sang at Salon in Mitte--my first official singing gig in Berlin so far. I sang an aria and two of my own songs. Salon in Mitte is sort of like a discussion night over Kultur and God. Mary and Dieter B usually invite an author or an expert in some subject and have an interviewer so that discussion can get started. I was the guest musician on Tuesday night. Apparently, there is a waiting list to come to this so I was really excited that they asked me to sing. For those of you that have been to rush, it is a little like a German rush party, (aber with a lot more style and class) in that there were tons of business people there and lots of small talk. Definitely a different crowd then I have been meeting so far here in Berlin. But it was fun and great to meet some more new people. I have met so many people since I have been here! It is crazy. They have this Salon night once a month but this month they had two. The second one was Wednesday night and they had had their musician cancel so they invited me to sing again on Wednesday. I was very happy to do it. It was fun and definitely a highlight of my time here so far. 

4. Thursday night I went to a "sofa gruppe"...what they call small groups here in the Berlin Projekt. We met at a bar called Bistro Fox and just got to know each other a bit and talked about what we are going to be studying. We are going to be reading a book by Phillip Yancey...but auf Deutsch! Der Unbekannte Jesus...the Jesus I Never Knew. I am excited to read it...and it will totally help my German. And I am looking forward to getting to know the people in my group. It will officially start next week.

5. I joined a yoga place this week. It is an Ashtanga Mysore place. I have gone two days so far and I really like it. I can ride my bike there in about 10-15 minutes. I am already feeling healthier and stronger.

6. I also started eating vegan this week because my face has been so broken out it looked like a game of Twister. For those of you that know my crazy escapades with the Hallelujah Diet and Raw food, you will be happy to know that they sell carrot juice here in every grocery store. :) This really is my true home. 

7. Tonight I went to my friend Iris' apartment and we made pumpkin soup and watched an amazing Israeli movie called...Ushrin...I think? I can't remember actually but it was so so good. She is really cool and she has two of my favorite movies of all time auf Deutsch...The Turning Point and Something's Gotta Give. Awesome. Girl after my own heart!

8. Another highlight is that all of those nights this week were mostly auf Deutsch except for one. That is really good. 

9. Ooh. Another highlight is that I bought Twilight auf Deutsch to read...:). For those of you who don't see eye to eye with me on the Twilight love, schade; and for those of you who do...Du bist der Hammer! 

10. Another highlight of this week, which I don't believe I have mentioned in blog form is LiquidRom. It is a sauna here in Berlin that is unglaublich! (unbelievable). There are four different kinds of saunas and a steam room (singer's best friend) and an amazing salt water pool that is all dark and sci-fi looking with cool colored light therapy and underwater musik! The sort of weird/downside is that most people are naked. It was a very European experience. But it more than makes up for itself when you get to rub salt and honey all over yourself--my skin has never felt so amazing. And it is only $17 dollars to spend the whole day there. It will definitely be a great place to go when it is freezing outside. 

11. Also, have a cold this week and I hope, really hope, that it isn't the swine flu. That would not be so gut. 

12. Pork auf Deutsch is--Swine fleisch. yeah. Swine flesh. yum. 

So...please pray for my cold to go away. And also that I could be a bit better at structuring my time. I want to practice more than I am, write more songs, spend my time wisely (this means not spending hours on Facebook)...but in all of the preparation for auditions and could be really easy to just be busy and overwhelmed and I am so done with trying and trying and spending tons of energy but all on my own steam and not listening to specific things that God leads me pray that I could hear His voice clearly about which things to apply to, and get done in steps along the way...I am not interested in doing anything apart from Him. 


  1. Great update! Wow even a book club/small group in German? You must be coming right along. We miss you! And do you have an update on your housing situation?

  2. Wow! I have been waiting and waiting. Ha. So glad you posted. What a week! You came up around here. Someone in our house was "singing opera". :) I don't think this person would have been invited to your Salon!
    Swimming with naked people-ahh! I could never do it!
    I do hope your cold goes away, and soon. Our neighbor has had the flu (they are saying that if you have the flu right now, it's the swine flu) and it's freaking me out. I'm afaid that I'm going to die from the swine flu. But it might end up being the fear of it that kills me. Ugh.
    Get better!

  3. hi pumpkin, it's sarah tannehill from the big KC! love you and love your blog. it's a great way to keep abreast of the scoop on you!!
    i have a blog too, when you're feeling like a little american silliness...