Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Many of you know that I am a little nutty about carrot juice. My sweet friend Nicole calls carrot juice 'rabbit's milk'. :) 

Whatever you want to call it, when I am in a healthy eating phase, which tends to happen every once in awhile... I can be pretty extreme. (I am also generally very extreme when I am not eating many of you also know.) Eh hem, anyway, I definitely believe in the power of carrot juice. And of eating healthy. It totally works...and if anyone reading this blog is sick right now, with any kind of sickness and I mean ANYTHING from a cold to cancer, check out this website,, and read the testimonies section and there you will find stories about people who have had whatever disease you can think of and once they went on this diet (mainly raw but with lots of carrot juice and enzymes) they were all better. 

Anyhoo...I was delighted this morning upon my visit to Aldi to find bottles of carrot juice for 39 cents each. This joyous news deserves repeating...carrot juice for 39 cents a bottle!!! When I would juice only 8 0z. at home it would be at least a dollar for that many carrots and so so much work with the juicer and cleaning it was so much work. It isn't fresh necessarily when it comes in a bottle but it is the next best thing. And honestly, far better, because who has time to juice three times a day? Nicht mich. 

This is like carrot juice fast food. But HEALTHY fast food. This is truly my homeland. It is like the German people have been calling my name and creating a special place just for me...a place with an abundance of cheap carrot juice, opera lovers and men who wear scarves. It's good to be home. 


  1. Yum! Wonder if all this carrot love has to do with the fact that you played the little bunny who would not hop when you were in Kindergarten?

  2. Oh man I forgot that Aldi is a German company...that's so awesome....of course they have it for .39 cents....better buy it out tho b/c next time you go it could be gone (that's Toby's experience when he finds root beer at Aldi's...ha).