Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Le Crobag

This is actually a very popular eatery in Berlin, usually located in every subway station. is called Le Crobag. It really is called that. I knew you wouldn't believe it unless you saw it. I'm sure it means something really chic in French. Another funny thing is every time I ride past the U-bahn stop called Spittelmarkt. I mean, who named these places? Also the word "fahrt" is one way to say "go" or "drive", and I saw a bus the other day that said "Großfahrt". Not joking.Groß means large here. So...needless to say, there have definitely been some times when I have been just laughing out loud to myself in the middle of the city. People around me probably just think I'm hearing voices. 

1 comment:

  1. At least it didn't say "Schmellfahrt" or "Eifahrt" - oh, I hope those don't mean something really terrible in the end. (No pun intended there)